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April 12, 2022-Georgia Vocational Rehab~Summer Grow Workshops News

Since last fall 2021, we have been working to become a GVRA provider. We have learned that we are weeks within receiving this milestone on our journey to help families not only here in Middle Georgia, but also in many areas of our state.


Families are encouraged to contact their local GVRA field office to apply to be added to receive services. Once you are accepted and approved you will be in their data base to be referred to our Waves GVRA Grow Workshop this summer June and July 2022. All students in Georgia high schools should also reach out to their local GVRA field office to apply. We will also be offering Pre-ETs Career Exploration in the Fall 2022! 

 April 12, 2022-Online Game Design News

In the Summer of 2020 we offered our first online Waves Game Design Group and have added an online Advanced Waves Game Design Group! Since then our students have been able to learn the skills they need to register for advanced computer classes in a secondary school setting. This Fall 2022 we will be adding Architectural Design to our Waves program! 

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